As a songwriter and singer, I am perhaps as entranced by R&B as I am by hip-hop.
I believe that reinforcing taut R&B songwriting with hard hip-hop beats is the ultimate recipe to creating something truly unique.

I’ve Always Loved Songs That Tell Stories

When it comes to songwriting, some people start with the lyrics, while others let the music tell them what to talk about. Personally, my process is not that structured. 

I want my songs to tell stories like I am in a conversation with somebody. I am a no-category girl. I just want to reach that level of success where people say “Hey, that girl can do anything!”

Like an Evel Knievel of music, if you will..

My Sources of Inspiration

Babyface once said “R&B is the one thing that has influenced every kind of music.” I couldn't agree more! From a very young age, I’ve been fascinated by minimal tracks that flip between hip-hop, R&B and rap with finger-snapping ease.  

I love music that bridges the divide between R&B and pop, like Elvis Presley's "Little Sister," or even Dion's "A Teenager in Love." Then, of course, there are genre-melting records like "Get Ur Freak On" and "Work It." 

I really enjoy in-studio moments of mixing and lyric tweaks..


Featured Music :

  • Boy You Can Get It
  • Boy You Can Get It (Instrumental)
  •  O Holy Night