Annie Lennox once said “Songwriting is the expression of the heart, the intellect and the soul.”
This is something I know to be true.

My Songwriting Process

Let me start by saying I am not hardcore about songwriting. I don’t isolate myself in a cottage or on an island to put together choruses with more internal rhymes and lyrical trickery than anyone else in the business. 

Instead, I am always writing my feelings and thoughts down, ticking along with a guitar in hand. My process is actually infuriatingly normal. I want my songs to tell stories that I’ll be proud of for years to come. 

Song to song, my focus remains on the music..

Boy You Can Get It

What started as a fascination for tracks that flip between hip-hop, R&B and rap, growing up I developed a passion to become a songwriter and singer myself. This is how Boy You Can Get It came to be. 

I want to make music in its simplicity. I don’t have the talent for wordplay that Eminem has, and I’m not  a craftsman of thoughtful ballads and mid-tempo romantic material like Babyface. I just make my music and lyrics as catchy as possible.

For this, each song has to be different..


Featured Music:

  • Boy You Can Get It
  • Boy You Can Get It (Instrumental)
  •  O Holy Night